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How it all started

Honestly, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t wish to start my own business and create something that people would use and find valuable. The idea that I can think of something new, realize it with the magic of resources, time, and effort, and this would then change the life of an individual, was just something I knew I wanted to do.

But come the moment, when I finished my studies in London and returned home, I didn’t really have a set plan or know what I wanted to do with my life.

I had a simple list of options, really:

  • travel the world and experience new things
  • continue my studies
  • get a job
  • start a business

I didn’t actually want to continue my studies at that point. I felt I needed to get some real-world experience before continuing, to be really able to fundamentally understand and apply new concepts to life and business. Similarly, I didn’t want to follow the path of many 20 somethings after university, traveling the world and trying to “find themselves”. I had a fairly good idea of who I was (or wanted to become).

So, by the beautiful process of elimination, I was left with the two last options.

Starting a business was the thing I wanted to do. Every day I would get a new idea for something, some new service, new product, new concept. In the end, I had a spreadsheet with a couple of hundred lines of new idea propositions, but I did not yet find the ONE – the one that I would think about day in and day out.

Finding the one

My father always told me that you need to have a passion for the thing that you do. Having a passion for the ‘process’ is great, but you need to have passion for the underlying idea first.

So, I got a job.

I was working in finance and real estate, from sales to management. It was a great work experience. I found it very interesting and eye-opening, especially for work dynamic, management issues, and fundamental human behavior.

Most of my work there was done on the computer, and the same went for all the people that worked at the office. We used a lot of cloud services for our work. I think that to succeed in today’s work environment, one needs to become a browser master, especially mastering tabs (particularly balancing the number of tabs one maintains open), and conquering the power of extensions.

And that’s when I found my idea – the one.

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