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Here at Bignest we take security very seriously. When it comes to encryption and threat analysis, nothing is too secure or secure enough. From grounds up, we have build Bignest with security in mind, and the most basic principles of our infrastructure reflect that.
The core principles of our infrastructure are:
  • 1. All encryption and decryption algorithms happen on the client side (your browser)
  • 2. We never store information in their original form and format
  • 3. Sensitive information never pass through the internet in an unencrypted format
  • 4. Only you can ever read your information (your data on our server is stored in a completely unreadable state)
We never store any meaningful information on our servers, and we never allow any information to pass through the internet in an unencrypted format. Only you can ever read the encrypted data with your secure key, but this key is also not stored on our servers. With Bignest you can be sure that no one other than you can ever access your information.
Your sensitive information is always encrypted with your secure key and unreadable by anyone other than you, however, pertaining information to your profile can be accessed by Bignest, for the purpose of verification, our communication with you, and our marketing efforts. At this early stage of our development, this includes your email and name. (this may change with time, but we promise to inform you in advance of any change in how we handle your information)
Our philosophy is that there is no security without complete transparency in conduct and execution. In line with this, we have made our entire code for encryption and security open source. Anyone can check how our infrastructure has been built with security in mind, and how security-obsessed we are here at Bignest in handling your sensitive information. (we are still in development, so there are still frequent changes to the code, but once we are live, we will post the link to the code)


We are still developing, but here we answer some usability questions and we hope to get you as excited about the product as we are.

The simple answer: NO.
The more complex answer: Nope.
Once you start using Bignest, we simplify (read: eliminate) the majority of repetitive and time-consuming activities. With your Bignest account, never register again at a new website, or struggle with remembering an endless list of passwords for your favorite passwords.
Your Bignest and your information are not attached to any physical device, so there is no threat to the security of your information. Your super encrypted information floats in the cloud, waiting for your to access it from anywhere and anytime.
From anywhere and anytime. Your Bignest is in the cloud, so there are no limitations to the location, time, device, or platform you are using to access your account. Security, simplicity, and usability - that is what we stand for.
At registration you receive a unique account recovery password, which only you will know what it is, so there is no compromise on security. Access to your account is only possible with these two keys: master password and recovery password. Even if we truly wanted to help you access your account, you need to remember that the way Bignest was built prohibits us from ever accessing or reading your information. You are the only key to your Bignest ;)

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Here we answer some other questions that you may have.

Bignest is free, and always will be free. That is our promise. Down the road, we may introduce some paid extra features, widgets, or services, but our core part of Bignest will always be free.
Bignest is in the cloud, so it has no specific requirements for an operating system or platform. To access you need a browser, and we support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge. We do not support IE at this time, because of security concerns.
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