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Who we are

We are a small start-up building a user-friendly, high-end security gateway to your personalized internet. Bignest is a dashboard to manage your identity across the web and be closer to the things you love and do every day - experience internet in a new 3.0 way.

Essential Elements

What we do

Bank-Grade Vault
Never again lose time with registration or finding the correct password for a website. We solve your biggest pain on the internet, by being your identity manager across the web, automatically signing you in and out from your favourite websites, so you can browse the web securely and simply.
Customizable Dashboards
Bignest is your home on the internet, so customize your “nests” to make it truly personal. Your favorite websites, news outlets, apps, and shopping sites now closer than ever. With brilliant overview and greater insight, search better and find quicker.
Main Apps
Our goal is to advance your internet experience - to make it more personal and tailored, more secure, and above all, simpler. Our core apps allow you to do all the basic tasks faster and better.
App Store
With a strong Bignest community of users and developers, we’ll also aim to create an environment for genuine discovery of new apps and services, inline with out mission of simplifying your experience on the internet.
Open Source

We open-sourced our protocol and encryption algorithms for complete transparency in handling your information, and greater peer-review.

Free for life

We promise Bignest will always be free. No advertisements, no hidden fees, and no pay-to-continue-using techniques. Sign up and have it free for life.

Bignest In the Cloud

Securely access your Bignest and all your information regardless of where or when you are accessing it. With redundancy systems, your information is always safe and secure.


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