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Our vision

We believe that everyone should have the access to
the right tools, in the right place, and at the right time.

We think that this represents our greatest opportunity to help you create a
better, stronger, happier, brighter, simpler tomorrow., what is Bignest?

Bignest is a platform that empowers people by creating opportunities where we can discover meaningful new things, be more productive through synergies of services, and save time with smart shortcuts.

Main Features

Bignest is currently in the beta launch phase, so not all features are market ready.
Once we finish our beta launch you can expect the following features:

Secure by design

Bignest was built with security & end-to-end encryption in mind from grounds up.

Simple to use

We strive to remove the unnecessary and make Bignest as simple to use as possible.


What kind of a home is it if you can't make it your own? We support full user customization.

Instant search

Let us help you get the right result quicker... every time

App Store

The Bignest store is where you can find all the right tools for the job.

External services intergation

Connect your existing services (emails, calendars, etc.) to make Bignest even better.

Where we are today?

As a startup, we created our beta platform for testing the main premise of our idea, which is to serve the users with only the most important information and services in a package that is easy to use, visually fun, and allows for customisation of the user’s own “nest” (or dashboard panel).

For our beta MVP, we focused on the foundations of the platform and created some core usability applications and widgets. The product today can do the necessary essentials, and provide an excellent base upon which we can successfully continue building the Bignest we wish to create - one that increasingly aligns with our vision to empower our users by providing them with the right tools, in the right place, and at the right time.

The Bignest platform today can be used for checking a number of email accounts all in one location, checking up on the latest news, aggregated from a number of reputable news outlets, looking up current weather and forecasts, staying up-to-date with the volatile world of cryptocurrency, storing your sensitive information in a cloud vault protected by the state of the art encryption, relaxing with a couple of mind games, or browsing the web with the help of our instant result search engine and our search engine shortcut assistant.

Bignest of tomorrow

The most important part of Bignest of tomorrow is the organization of many into one while retaining simplicity, usability, and security. Our organized store for applications and other external services will allow us to continue developing the Bignest platform toward an idea of seamless integration of services to create a platform that caters to our user’s every need, want, and desire.


The following timeline is our short-term strategy and plan for realizing our vision.

19 January 2018
Beta Bignest is live

We began testing our first platform iteration within a small circle of early users.

February 2018
Beta Feedback

Learning from early user feedback and making the necessary changes to make Bignest better and simpler to use

User customization

Adding greater user customization options

App store

Introducing our organized store, where we will offer an ever larger number of “the right tools”

More services available for integration with Bignest
Platform redesign for mobile support & a simpler experience
Introducing our intelligent password assistant
Per audacia et ardua ad astra...

What's in a name?

Our combination of the logo and the name brings about a fundamental contradiction of ideas - that something so big (like an elephant) can inhabit something so small (like a birds nest). With our idea of bringing many into one, we tried to communicate our vision of Bignest with our chosen name and logo.

We think that we can make an elephant fit in a nest...

Our team

We are a small and passionate team, working around the clock to create the ultimate usability platform - secure and simple to use.

Matej vehar
CTO / Founding Team
Aleksander Pačnik
CEO / Founder
Sandi Mikuš
Developer / Founding Team
Grega Lasnibat
Resident Frenchie
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Don't ever be lost again!

With Bignest as your home, you will never be lost again. Have all your favorite websites in one place, store your sensitive information in Bignest's secure vault, and discover what you need to get the job done.

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Let's build the future together

We would love to hear how we can make Bignest even better for you!

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