The People Behind The Studio - Meet The Team

We believe in the power of our 360° approach, where our clients’ vision takes center stage in everything we undertake.

Our commitment is to provide you with superior, sustainable, and entirely customized solutions. Working with us means partnering with a creative and dedicated team that will bring your brand’s vision to life, from concept to the hands of your target audience.

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The Team

  • Žiga Müller

    Team Leader

  • Ana Škulj

    Project Manager

  • Mark Cvelbar

    Lead Designer

  • Urška Peternel

    Supply Chain

  • Mateja Pangerc

    Customer Relationship

What drives us forward - The core values of the team.

Pushing the envelope, chasing unparalleled excellence, and ensuring each undertaking reflects our fundamental beliefs

- that is what our team stands for.
  • Above & Beyond for the Customer. We prioritize our customers, understanding their needs and surpassing their expectations every single time.
  • Above & Beyond for the Client. Our partnership with our clients is founded on trust, transparency, and a mutual desire for outstanding outcomes.
  • Above & Beyond for every Project. Every project is an opportunity for us to showcase our dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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